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Recreation in the Nitinat Region

The Ditidaht First Nation is located on the northeast shore of Nitinat Lake, 100km west of the city of Duncan in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Nitinat Lake is a 20km long fiord that empties into the Pacific Ocean at the Nitinat Narrows mid-way along the West Coast Trail in the Pacific Rim National Park.

The Nitinat Region is packed with natural attractions making it one of the last undeveloped pristine regions of British Columbia within a 3 hour drive of the capital city of Victoria.
Nitinat Lake Motel
Nitinat Lake Motel offers comfort and convenience just minutes from the Nitinat Lake Windsurfers' Park at beautiful Nitinat Lake, Vancouver Island.

Prices:   $65.00—$100.00/night
Info and Reservations: 250-745 -3844
Samuel Edgar - Manager
Malachan Reserve
Nitinat Lake,  British Columbia
V9Y 7M8

1.5 hrs from Port Alberni & 1.5 hrs from Duncan Close access to hunting, fishing, hiking & a boat ride away from the world renowned West Coast Trail.

One bedroom or suites with kitchenettes available. Open year round.
  • Additional shower and washroom facilities for campers
  • Close to Nitinat Lake Boat Launch at Gus Bay
  • Both sleeping rooms and kitchenettes available
  • Tourism BC  approved accommodations
Windsurfer's Park
Nitinat Lake is well known to avid windsurfers, sport fisherman and back-country enthusiasts for its unique and natural beauty while offering some of the most consistent winds in the world.

On a typical sunny day from about 11 in the morning you can look down the lake and see a wind line. Within 30 minutes the wind will be at 15 to 20 knots. As the day progresses the winds will peak to 25 to 30 knots  and on those perfect storm days with a fog bank visible at the other end of lake winds will be to 40 knots. As evening approaches the winds die down and usually stop making for a pleasant night of story-telling around the campfire.

The Windsurfers' Park managed by the Ditidaht Nation offers rustic camping with picnic tables, fire pits and outhouse facility at $12.00 - 14.00/night.

The maximum stay is 14 days and the campground is monitored daily by Ditidaht Campground staff.

Reservations are not accepted. Pack it in - Pack it out.
West coast trail comfort camping
Whether you are a first-timer or experienced hiker looking for an extra level of comfort, these premium campsites near the Nitinat Lake Narrows will provide an unforgettable camping experience in the beautiful setting of Vancouver Island's West Coast Trail in the Pacific Rim National Park. The Reserve site monitored by the Ditidaht First Nation's own trail Guardians are located a short walk away from the main trail and offer a  pristine surrounding on the Ditidaht Nation's Traditional Lands.
Wood burnings stoves, wood floors, wide cots and outdoor deck will take your camping experience to the next level of luxury.
Price: $80/night (includes all taxes)
Maximum Capacity: 4 people
Hikers not pre-booked subject to availability

Each Site includes the following features:
  • Exclusive private and scenic location
  • Covered outdoor deck 
  • High-quality canvas wall tent with
  • plenty of ventilation
  • Wood burning stoves with firewood  supplied.
  • A dining table and chairs for four
  • Four extra wided sleeping cots
  • Wood floor on a raised platform